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Montage is Video and Voice Interviewing for Enterprises

Smile, you're about to gain a hiring advantage

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Video Interviewing

Montage’s video interviewing technology includes both live and on-demand video interviewing capabilities, providing a seamless addition to any organization’s hiring workflow. Leverage the power of video to get to know candidates in the hiring process.

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Recruitment leaders choose Montage for video interviewing and voice interviewing to create a hiring advantage. Our clients recognize the advantages of interviewing technology purpose-built for hiring.
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Voice Interviewing

Montage’s voice interviewing technology includes both live and on-demand phone interviewing. Create ease, reach, and flexibility through our audio-driven interviewing technology seamlessly built into the Montage platform.

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Ease of Use

We are committed to creating smiles from everyone who interacts with us or our technology. A dedicated focus on ease of use delivers a superior experience to all who interact with our software or our team.


Speed to Hire

Our clients place new hires at least two weeks faster with video interviewing in place, increasing speed to hire. Each step of the hiring workflow speeds up, keeping the momentum and decision-making going.

Candidate Experience

Montage is built – from the ground up – on the premise that your candidates need to have a superior experience when interviewing with your company. It is how you compete for and win top talent. We are purpose-built for hiring because experience matters.


Recruiter Efficiency

Benchmarking current clients, we know recruiters regain 30% of their workday when using video and voice interviewing. Hours regained create happier recruiters, drive greater efficiency, and speed up time-to-fill.

Quality of Hire

Voice and video interviewing combine to improve the quality of hire. How? You are moving faster, reaching further, and impressing great candidates with the maturity of your process. It has a direct impact on their desire to join your organization.


Cost Savings

The investment in video interviewing begins to pay off in weeks, not years. Our clients enjoy 5-10X return through both strategic and operational cost savings which we regularly evaluate using our ROI calculator.

Brand Elevation

Montage elevates your employer brand throughout the interviewing process by delivering a fully branded candidate-facing experience. Candidates love the experience and credit the employer as more innovative and forward-thinking.


Mobile Convenience

Our mobile-first strategy extends beyond smartphones and tablets to include SMS text communication. The mobile Montage experience is easy, intuitive, and seamless. That’s enterprise-strength technology. It simply works.

Global Reach

Our clients are global organizations, hiring all over the world. We designed our technology with global scale and security in mind. Today, our interviewing software is the most mature technology available, used globally across 180 different countries.


Hiring Across the Enterprise

Our enterprise-strength interviewing technology works across your organization. Our clients tend to be huge employers hiring for every part of their complex businesses. Montage applies no matter the hiring scenario.

Workflow Integration

Hiring is collaborative and workflow driven. Our clients employ many HR technologies that work seamlessly alongside Montage voice and video interviewing. We focus on what we do best, and partner with others who excel in their space.


Data and insights into the interviewing workflow via recruitment reporting are readily available within the Montage platform. Recruiters can report and analyze candidate and job activity in just a few clicks.

Compliance & Security

We built secure, enterprise-strength technology for the most complex organizations in the world. Just as an interview within a conference room takes place in a secure, private environment, so does an interview that takes place within Montage.

  • We can utilize this technology to help us to engage and identify a larger number of candidates -- quicker. That helps us with the overall process.— Mark Hartline, Shaw Flooring, Director of Talent Acquisition & HR
  • It's a slick technology. It's easy to use. It's easy to connect candidates to it. It appeals to a younger generation.— Office Depot, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition
  • Even though my recruiters are not hands on with the patients, they still feel a great sense of accomplishment by bringing forth the right talent. Montage helps us accomplish that.— Senior Director of Employment, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center